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The suites at Kingfisher are the perfect choice for those wishing to experience a luxurious safari retreat near Johannesburg.

The five waterside suites have been named and designed to reflect the colours and characteristics of various species of kingfisher, namely: Giant Suite; Malachite Suite, Mangrove Suite, Pied Suite and Woodland Suite. Large glass windows frame the beautiful views and double doors open onto private wooden decks. High thatched ceilings, extravagant chandeliers and voluptuous curtains offer the perfect contrast to light touches of African art.

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Layered textures and elements of stone, wood and steel work together with the finest linens to create a restful and delightfully indulgent space. Each suite has air-conditioning, flat-screen smart TVs and unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi access. For that extra little spoil, our spacious ensuite bathrooms have Charlotte Rhys amenities. SMEG coffee-making and tea facilities are at your disposal for those lazy mornings or afternoons when you want to bond with a good book or catch up on some much-needed downtime.

Giant Suite

Stylish, spacious, and tastefully decorated, our Giant Suite is named after the Giant Kingfisher, Africa’s largest kingfisher species, averaging 44 cm in length. This kingfisher sports understated plumage and is known for its distinctive call. Keep an eye out for its nests along the Villa’s surrounding riverbanks.

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Malachite Suite

The Malachite Kingfisher is small but impossible to miss, thanks to its vibrant blue feathers and rusty orange and red accents. Just like its namesake, our Malachite Suite is breathtakingly beautiful with artful adornments in every corner.

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Mangrove Suite

The Mangrove Kingfisher can be found along Africa’s east coast and is known for its large red beak and grey feathers, embellished with a delicate blue-green shimmer. Our Mangrove Suite proudly showcases an elegant and modern interior that gracefully honours this unique species. Subtle pops of colour are tastefully incorporated throughout the room, serving as a tribute to the vibrant hues found in the Mangrove Kingfisher’s plumage.

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Pied Suite

Nature’s answer to minimalism, the Pied Kingfisher is stunning in its black-and-white simplicity. Our Pied Suite offers the same minimalistic aesthetic as this gregarious, hovering kingfisher species, along with various luxurious creature comforts and sprawling bushveld views.

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Woodland Suite

Bright and beautiful, the Woodland Kingfisher is one of the most vibrant kingfisher species, exhibiting bright blue plumage. Just like this bird, our Woodland Suite stands out from the rest, basking in South Africa’s abundant sunshine and decorated with sumptuous materials and textures.

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